June Presents: John Sand Men’s Trunk Show

Stop in for champagne and shopping
July 27-28, 2010

Minneapolis stylist and general man-about-town John Sand brings his collection of high-end resale men’s wear to June for two days only! His collection includes contemporary and vintage: YSL tuxedo shirts and Lanvin ties to Modern Amusement oxford shirts and Comme des Garcon sweaters.

John’s Essence of Style

* Current obsession – vintage screen print silk shirts, straw hats and Star of David necklaces.

* Style icons – Paul Newman, my grandpa Erv (especially the way he dressed in the early 90s), and MiharaYasuhiro,

* Unearthing fabulous finds is a part-time obsession for john. He works as a freelance runway stylist and for the U of M School of Public Health and Epidemiology. He’s finishing his degree in genetics, cultural studies, GLBT studies and Korean literature.