June Online Launch Party – Preview Courreges Collections

Special Invite to June’s online shop launch party!

Fri, 28.June.13    6pm – 9pm

Need a June fix at 2 a.m., on vacation or moved across the country? You can now shop June online through juneresale.com! Stop in for champagne & Latin appetizers and celebrate this major step for June!
Courrèges Collection at June
June acquired a collection of 1960s and 1970s Courrèges. Be the first to preview this amazing vintage collection before it goes online. Previously owned by a Courrèges shop owner, many of the pieces had a twirl at Studio 54.
French designer Andre Courrèges’ was a major player in the 1960s ‘Youthquake’ which altered the direction of fashion. His futuristic, clean lines and bold colors coupled with white boots were instantly recognizable.
Many of the pieces at June are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s archives.


Julie Frabotta Vintage Home

Friday – a collection of vintage home pieces from home designer Julie Frabotta. Vintage chairs, cushions made from vintage silk kimono fabric, pillows, handmade leather ipad cases, lavender sachets and more.