June Presents: “A Horse of a Different Color”

APRIL 3, 12-4pm – June is honored to host the official launch of “A Horse of a Different Color” Triple Crown Collaboration, featuring 12 Kentucky Derby hats and 12 illustrations of the previous Triple Crown Winners from Anna Lee of Ruby3 and Allegra Lockstadt!

With mutual adoration for the Kentucky Derby, its history and the hat culture surrounding it, Lee and Lockstadt knew they wanted to collaborate on a creative project. Together, they were inspired by past Triple Crown Winners and sought to create a collection of hats and images inspired by these 12 past winners. In thoroughbred racing, The Triple Crown is an accolade awarded to a horse who has won the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes within the same year. The title represents a top achievement in horse racing and is extraordinarily difficult to obtain, at times leaving decades of time between winners.

Each hat, made by Lee, represents one of the past 12 Triple Crown Winners. Upon purchasing a hat, patrons will receive a print of a portrait of the corresponding winner illustrated by Allegra Lockstadt.