Alexander McQueen

Of course! Amazing curved bone suede and leather booties.

Kate Spade

Super soft, light snakeskin drawstring Kate Spade. Sold

Yves Saint Laurent

Black patent leather croc-embossed Downtown YSL bag.

Prada * Yves Saint Laurent

Prada gold leather ‘wicker’ bag, YSL vintage metal band belt, wool rabbit puffs wrap. Sold. Prada bag still available.


Stunning Gucci heels ā€“ side view shows the bugā€™s mouth wide open! And, gold bamboo heels – full-on Gucci! Sold

Chanel * Weiss

Vintage Chanel and Weiss earrings. Sold


Dior Odyessy black leather boots. Amazing ā€“ impossible to find!


A great twist on oxfords. New black leather Balenciagas. Sold

Chanel * Echo

Chanel dove grey and black ballet flats, Echo pucci-esque silk scarf – so brilliant and pretty! Sold


Gorgeous PRADA brilliant, glowing red chamois bag with gunmetal hardware. Sold